Review 2023: How Does This Faucet Really Work?

I started earning satoshis with this online faucet in 2017. And, at the time I write this review, I made over 0.5 BTC. So you can imagine I spent countless hours on this platform. And I know it well. While I’m sure some of you could make even more than that, I’m quite proud of the results. And, in this article, I’m going to share my experience of this site with you.

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What Is

It’s a bitcoin faucet, a website that allows you to earn bitcoins. And you don’t need to spend anything to get started. There’s no initial deposit required, even if you can earn daily interest with a certain amount of bitcoins in your balance. But I’ll get back to that later.

homepage sign up form

After you sign up, you can simply claim free bitcoin every hour. And you receive a small amount in your wallet. It’s really that simple. In the beginning, you need to solve captchas before clicking on the roll button. But you can validate your email address to skip this step and save time!

While you could win millions of sats on a single roll, chances are you will get much lower payouts. Because you have to hit the jackpot: The lucky number 10000. Most likely, you will get a few satoshis, as you can see in the table below: payouts
For the books: Payouts on 2020-04-24

The payouts depend on the current bitcoin price. And the price of the biggest prize is always set at $200 dollars – that’s the maximum you can win on a roll.

Filthy Rich

When the price of BTC goes down, the payouts go up! And that’s when you should claim more often to maximize your earnings.

Over 37.5 million users have registered since its creation in 2013. And they have earned over 208,600 bitcoins playing dice! It’s one of the most popular gambling sites – it’s ranked #7 on SimilarWeb for that category.

Sign Up Now Review of Its Features

Now that I covered the basics of their faucet, let’s focus on the other ways to earn BTC. Because 1 dice roll per hour is not enough to increase your earnings significantly. Fortunately, there are activities available to make sure you don’t stay idle between claims.

Multiply BTC

This is a provably fair HI-LO game where you can multiply your bitcoins – as you can guess from its name. And you have as many chances to win as the website has to lose. Indeed, everything is explained and you can even verify your rolls.

multiply btc

It’s similar to the free faucet. But here you have to bet sats from your balance to be able to roll the dice. You can choose the amount to bet for each roll and the odds. And then you can decide to bet:

  • HI: You win if you get a number higher than the target
  • LO: You win if you get a number lower than the target

The targets for HI and LO depends on the odds.

No matter if you win or lose, the more you wager, the more bonuses you can get: free lottery tickets, reward points, and golden tickets. You can even increase your faucet rewards!

Finally, you can decide to start auto-bet, to avoid clicking all the time. And you can set the number of rolls you want to play and the maximum of loss or the minimum of profit you can accept.

I made a lot of money with this one: Over 94% of my earnings! Depending on your risk aversion, it can be a nice solution to earn sats faster.


I haven’t used this feature. But you can bet on events against other users. Pick a category (Cryptocurrencies, E-Sports, Politics, etc.), an event, and set a bet amount. And you can win a share of the prize pool if you pick the winner.

Once again, the more you bet, the more free stuff you receive.

Earn BTC

I trust enough to store a chunk of my earning on their site. And I receive compound interest on my balance EVERY DAY.

You need a minimum balance of 30,000 satoshis (0.0003 BTC). And when you reach that minimum, you get automatically an annual interest rate of 4.08%.

It’s the sats I worked for that are now working for me!

And the best part is that your funds are not locked. You can decide to withdraw them anytime.


There are 2 lotteries on the platform:

  • Weekly Lottery
  • Golden Ticket – you can win a Lamborghini!

And you can receive tickets when rolling dice or buy tickets. The prizes and odds depend on the number of players. If your ticket is selected during the lottery draw, you win a prize!


Finally, you can help the platform grow, by referring your friends and family. And you can earn a commission when they use the website!

Complains About

While there are no negative feedback from users about withdrawals, some of them say that the games are not fair. I’ve read about the 3 parameters used to calculate each roll:

  • server seed
  • client seed
  • nonce

The combination should make it sure there’s no way for the system to cheat. And from what I understand, that’s the case. I also used their Roll Verifier from time to time and it looked in order.

I understand users can get mad when they’re on a losing streak of 20 rolls or more. But this is the game… You win some and you lose some. Maybe they’ll a a winning streak of 100 rolls after that, who knows?

Is Legit?

From my experience, it is. I don’t know the company running this website – which could be shady. But I have been earning for years – real money. And, every time I asked for a withdrawal, I didn’t have any trouble.

Their custody policy seems also legit. Indeed, they use a mix of hot wallets, hardware wallets, and BIP38 encrypted paper wallets. And they keep only 5% of their funds in the hot wallet.

It’s also easy to check the proof that actually mining bitcoin. And that’s why I store some (not all) of my earnings on their site to earn interest.

Finally, my account is secure enough, with a strong password and 2-factor authentication (2FA). I would recommend you to enable this feature from your Profile page.

And if you don’t trust me, trust the other users. Because there are millions of them visiting the site each month. Alexa, a company from Amazon, ranks that site #2,381 in the world. Without money to be made, this site wouldn’t be that popular!


Thank you for reaching the end of my review! I hope you now have a better overview of this bitcoin faucet. And that I have answered the questions you had.

This is my favorite faucet, the one I visit the most often. And the only reason is that I make good money with it! That’s why I can recommend it.

If I had to summarize in three points why you should sign up now, I would select these:

  1. The payouts are among the highest on the market
  2. There’s a rewarding multiply game to play all the time
  3. You get a free passive income with their compound interests

Plus you can easily remain anonymous and the account is secure. So if you ask me “Is legit?” then my answer is a big YES!

Whether you agree with my conclusion or not, feel free to share your opinion. You can give your feedback by leaving a comment below.
9.6 Total Score
My Review 2023

  • High payouts
  • Multiply game
  • Daily interest
  • Secure account
  • No ads
  • 1 roll every hour
  • Never won the lottery, yet


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