How to earn free satoshis in 2023?

These days, we’re in a race where everyone wants to hold as many bitcoins as possible before the price goes to the moon. But very few people can afford to buy 1 BTC from an exchange. For sure, I can’t. So, I’ve been looking for other ways. And it always comes down to stacking sats, the smallest unit of the digital cryptocurrency. Most of us can afford to buy satoshis. But if you don’t want to spend anything at all, I’ve got your back: Here are the best ways to earn free satoshi online in 2023.

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Earn free satoshi fast with bitcoin faucets

This was the first method I tried to to get free satoshis. And it’s become by far my favorite one. Because I earned a lot with it. At the time I’m launching this website, I made over 0.4 BTC with faucets – that’s 40,000,000 sats for you. The saying goes “little strokes fell great oaks” and it’s true!

I’ve spent most of my time on But there are several other sites I’ve been visiting on a daily basis.

You don’t need much to get started: An internet connection, an email address, and some time! After signing up, you can claim free satoshi: Solve a captcha and click on the claim button. And you get free bitcoin – simple as pie!

I know it looks too good to be true. But there’s a simple explanation. Where does the money come from? From the advertisers who spend their budget to display their ads. And from the webmasters who redistribute a small amount of their profit with you. That’s the beauty of the model: Everyone’s happy!

Here’s the list of my recommended bitcoin faucets (the reliable and highest paying ones):

Faucet NameApprox. Payout (varies with bitcoin price)Sign Up Link
FreeBitco.in24 to 2,400,000 SatsClick Here
Cointiply13 to 141 SatsClick Here
Bit Fun12+Click Here
Bonus Bitcoin5 to 5,000 SatsClick Here Here

If you’re serious and committed, you can earn free satoshi every minute! I have created a routine to claim as many times as possible each and every day. And it allows me to maximize my earnings, with loyalty bonuses. I visit each site in turn, several times a day. While it’s not fun, it works!

Free satoshi earning while playing games

The second method that I consider worthwhile: Bitcoin games. Indeed, why not earn free satoshi while seating in the transports or in the bathroom? I mean: You already play. But you waste your time. So, pick a browser game that gives real rewards like RollerCoin. It’s easy to start, it’s addictive, it works on mobile and you will get real bitcoin instantly!

While I joined the platform over a year ago, I haven’t spent the time to build my data-center and my passive income – I have other priorities for now. But I see the potential. And the reviews are great. Some players make big money: From 0.1 to 1 BTC a month!!!

Games usually require more time. But more time equals to bigger rewards. And you get to have real fun when you find the game that makes you happy. So why not switch from your old money-spending game to a new money-making game?

Here are the games I played and that I can recommend:

Game NameTypeRegister Link
RollerCoinMining simulatorClick Here
Bit KongGamblingClick Here
Bit FunCompilation of GamesClick Here
Satoshi QuizQuizClick Here
Battle CoinBombermanClick Here

For sure, there’s money to be made in video games. And you can easily monetize the time you spend on your device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone. If I had more time, I would pick my favorite game and study the best strategies to earn free satoshi every second.

Get free satoshis with bitcoin interest accounts

Finally, here’s a method for those of you who want to do absolutely nothing. But who still want to get something at the end of the day. How is it possible? You got to make your money work for you, folks! I realized that was possible after I reached the minimum balance to enable compound interests on

And now, honestly, all I want is to get these savings accounts running!

The only drawback, if you’re just starting, is that you need a minimum amount in your balance. So, you have two choices: Either you can buy bitcoin. Or you can use the faucets and games I recommended above. And claim and play until you reach the limit. Also, don’t forget to enable annual interest!

Check the savings account I am currently using :

NameMinimum BalanceAnnual RatePaymentsSign Up Link
BlockFi None 6.20% MonthlyClick Here
Celsius.networkNone3.93%WeeklyClick Here
FreeBitco.in0.0003 BTC4.08%DailyClick Here
Cointiply35,000 Coins (about 0.0004 BTC)5.00%WeeklyClick Here

Before you decide to keep your hard-earned bitcoins on one of these platforms, make sure you trust them enough. Because there’s always the risk of hacking. And when you don’t have the keys to your bitcoins, they’re not really yours… But if you withdraw your earnings on a wallet, then you can’t get interests…

Pay-to-play Bonus: Buy bitcoin now!

So, you read about the best ways to earn free satoshis. And you feel like you can’t commit to faucets or games. Maybe you don’t have the time to do so, or it just seems too complicated. I get it, I’ve been there. There’s the last resort solution: You can simply buy satoshis

This is the fastest way to get a significant amount of sats. And there’s no minimum: You can purchase 10 USD worth of satoshis. Some exchanges even allow you to use a credit card and the process is straightforward.

Here are some exchanges I can vouch for:

Exchange NameRegister Link
CoinmamaClick Here
BinanceClick Here
BitfinexClick Here
CoinFieldClick Here

While it can look like quitting, who am I to judge? If I had the money to invest in Nakamoto’s crypto, maybe I wouldn’t have spent so much time claiming and playing on all these websites. So, if you can afford it, good for you. And remember: You should only invest the money you can afford to lose.